It's race week. Let's go.



I'm still feeling sick (fuck you, immune system!) but I'm a lot better than I was this past weekend, so I spent the morning volunteering at Trinity Cafe in downtown Tampa. In the course of one hour, I helped feed around 100 poor and/or homeless people from the Tampa area. It was a really amazing experience to do something as simple as offer a guest more water or bread, and seeing how grateful they were to have me there. Now of course it wasn't about me being there, it was about having a healthy hot meal, but I haven't done much volunteering in my life so this experience definitely makes me want to do more!

If you're around Tampa, definitely check out Trinity Cafe.



Finally felt nearly back to normal today, so I took the opportunity to work out. But that meant I worked out with Deano, and she's evil even on my healthiest of days.

If you're looking for the one ab workout that will cause you immense abdominal pain, then look no further than this week's series of exercises.

The Workout

  1. Iron Butterfly
  2. Lying Leg Windmill
  3. Side-Plank Hip Dip
  4. Extended Planks
  5. Dive Bomber Push-Up
  6. Snow Angels
  7. Superman Planks
  8. Dead Bugs


I took today off of work to go out to the bike trails for a nice, long BRICK session.


  • Distance: 36.0 miles
  • Total Time: 2:04:36
  • Pace: 17.1 mph

The ride started out great, and I felt really strong. But around mile 15 I suddenly started cramping BADLY in my left thigh and calf. It was so bad that I had to stop and get off my bike before I fell over, and a Parks & Rec employee even offered me a ride back to the trailhead if I couldn't continue. But I stretched it out, and rested for a moment, and got back on the bike. I ended up finishing 36 miles of cycling, averaging 17.1 mph, so overall a good day of biking.

And in other news, somehow the metal valve that controls the air in my front bike tire broke off before my ride. It didn't impact my ride at all but it needs to be fixed, and I'm sure that won't be cheap.



  • Distance: 6.0 miles
  • Total Time: 57:31
  • Pace: 9:35 /mi

From there I went for a 6 mile run and again I felt strong for awhile. But at mile 4 my thighs started cramping AGAIN and I had to stop and rest for a couple minutes to let them recover. I cannot describe the pain in words.



Today is Thanksgiving. I did like most Americans did and stuffed my face with turkey, potatoes, gravy, bread, and pie.

And it was glorious.



Got to work out with Ollie today, which is the first time that's happened in awhile. Since I took yesterday off, I figured today should be a full-body workout, and that's exactly what we did.

Overall it was a great workout, but I definitely could have gone heavier in the weights Ollie chose. I should have spoken up but I've learned that a light weight will feel so painful after awhile, so I assumed that would also be the case today.

Check out this insane full body workout, and try it for yourself!

Warm Up

  • Jump rope
  • Push-Ups

Part 1

  • Cable Rows
  • Bench Press

Part 2

  • Deficit Dumbbell Squat

Part 3

  • Cable Flyes
  • Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

Part 4

  • Jump Rope
  • Push-Ups
  • Bicycle Kicks

Part 5

  • Cable tricep extension
  • Cable tricep push-down
  • Barbell Curls

Part 6

  • Crunch Punch
  • Medicine Ball V-Up
  • Half Bicycle Crunch

Part 7

  • Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks (on Bosu ball)
  • Dumbbell Curls (on Bosu ball)

Part 8

  • One-Legged Plank



  • Distance: 6.2 miles
  • Total Time: 50:18
  • Pace: 8:04/mile

I didn't get as much done today as I wanted to because it's the IRON BOWL BABY!

In other words, it's gameday and it's Alabama vs. Auburn.

So I watched the first half of the game, and once halftime hit, I hit the pavement for a quick 10k run. This was a pretty good and consistent run, where my pace hovered around 8:00/mi for the entire run. I obviously want to get faster than that for a short distance like 6.2 miles, but I'm happy for now with being able to run like that non-stop.



  • Distance: 1,679 yards
  • Total Time: 53:47
  • Pace: 3:12 / 100yd

Finally drug my ass out of Tampa and out to St. Petersburg so that I could do some open water swimming. I haven't swam in the ocean since my last triathlon in August, so it's been awhile.

And HOLY SHIT the water was so cold. I wore my new triathlon suit and even then this water was a frigid sub-70 degrees. Now for all you northerners, that may not seem cold to you, but it is to us down here in Florida. It's fucking freezing.

I nearly decided to get out of the water and skip the swim, but with my race coming up next weekend I don't really have a choice. So I gutted out nearly 1,700 tough yards in 150-200yd intervals. It was tough to stay focused on my form and pacing, because it's way scarier to be in the cold, cloudy ocean than it is to be in the small, clear pool of the gym.

But I did it, and then ran back to the starting point in bare feet because I'M A MAN. (Sarcasm)


  • Distance: 3.4 miles
  • Total Time: 27:29
  • Pace: 7:59/mile

After the swim it was time to run, so I ran around the island to the tune of 7:59/mi for 3.4 miles. Solid run, I'm really happy with it. Not much more to say.


Race week is here. The week itself was good for training, and I got 7 workouts in, including a long BRICK session of cycling to running, and then another long BRICK session of open water swimming to running. I need to do this WAY more than I have, but with less than 7 days until my next race, it's a little late for that...