All Blacked Out | Zara

Photos by Ramon Abreu


It took a while, but 2016 was the year I finally realized something: black is my color.

It's the easiest kind of outfit to pull off, too. It just works.

This particular outfit I'm wearing is my current favorite. I am pairing the extra long tee from Forever 21 with my go-to ripped jeans from Zara. One tip to wearing all black: introduce some subtle differences between items. For example, this simple t-shirt contrasts with the torn jeans to make the entire outfit a little more interesting.

You can also add a little color to an otherwise black outfit, like brown boots. The trick here is to not go with too dark a shade of brown. You want to stay on the medium to light side of the spectrum so there is a clear contrast between the pieces. Wearing all black is great, but it shows a little more fashion sense when you can add those little tweaks.



T-Shirt // Forever 21

Jeans // Zara

Boots // Aldo

Watch // Skagen

Backpack // Herschel Supply