Strength - Upper Body

David introduced a new exercise to his repertoire today with medicine ball push-ups. This exercise is done just like it sounds, by doing a push-up with one hand on a medicine ball. The uneven positioning of the body puts extra stress on the muscles, making this tougher than a traditional push-up.

The rest of the workout was no easier, since we worked through heavy bench presses, pull-ups, and close grip shoulder presses.

My chest is definitely growing (I may have looked at myself in the mirror), and my arms were killing me after this workout.

Part 1

  • Medicine Ball Push-Ups
  • Plate Front Raises

Part 2

  • Bench Press
  • Upright Rows (Plate)

Part 3

  • Low Cable Flyes
  • Close Grip Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Part 4

  • Pull-Ups
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Part 5

  • Close Grip Reverse Lat Pulls
  • Bench Dips


Strength - Lower Body

Holy shit, Jahmale nearly killed me today.

To start things off, he had me do four sets of barbell back squats mixed with barbell back lunges. So I would do a squat, lunge backward with my right leg, lunge backward with my left leg, then repeat. I couldn't finish a complete set without stopping the entire time.

The next superset built on that pain by having me do lunging dumbbell front raises combined with plyo jumps. These are when you are on one knee and then explode upward into a jump before coming back down to one knee and repeating. The you switch legs and do it again.

I collapsed into the fetal position after the first set of these.

Things got slightly easier after that but the damage was done. I am exhausted, and I still have Deano tonight...

Part 1

  • Barbell Squat
  • Barbell Back Lunge

Part 2

  • Lunging Dumbbell Front Raise
  • 4 point plyo jump

Part 3

  • Leg Extensions
  • Knee Strikes
  • Seated Leg Curls
  • Prisoner Squats

Strength - Core

The Workout

  • Plank knee to elbow
  • Plank twist
  • Swiss ball transfer
  • Plank raises
  • Iron Butterflies
  • Side Plank with Dip
  • Zeti Lunges



Today was my rest day as I drove to Lakeland for a photoshoot and then down to Sarasota to film my first commercial ever as a professional model!



  • Type: Freestyle Intervals
  • Distance: 2,000yd
  • Time: 52:23
  • Pace: 1:59/100yd

First day back in the water since the Key West Triathlon over a month ago. I am definitely rusty, but I got a good workout in.

My goal was to do 2,000 yards, so I split that up into 20 x 100yd sprint intervals with 30-45 seconds rest between intervals.

The same issues are present as before: I need to work on my entire swimming form, my ability to pace myself, and the proper breathing technique to keep my heart rate low.

Still, it felt good to be back in the pool.


Strength - Upper Body

Today was pretty slow in the gym in the afternoon, so I got an upper body workout in.

Like the other days when I am lifting on my own, I went to my PHAT bodybuilding program for the workout. Today I chose the Chest & Arms Hypertrophy workout, which is my favorite. It's the toughest but really works the entire upper body.


  • Bench Press (Dumbbell)
  • Incline Bench Press (Dumbbell)
  • Incline Cable Fly
  • Bench Press (Machine)


  • Preacher Curl
  • Bicep Curl (Dumbbell)
  • Spider Curl (Dumbbell)


  • Tricep Extension (Dumbbell)
  • Cable Pressdown
  • Cable Kickback



  • Type: Interval run
  • Distance: 6.2 miles
  • Time: 53:22
  • Pace: 8:34/mi

Well it's been over a week since my last run and it showed.

Today's run felt fucking terrible. Granted this was an interval run, not an easy run to get warmed up, so the sprint intervals were especially hard. But still.

I was once at the point where I was still able to jog during my rest intervals, but today I had to come to a slow walk to catch my breath. I even felt dizzy a few times in the run. I hope I'm not getting sick.

Overall my pace wasn't terrible but I definitely felt terrible.



  • Distance: 16 miles
  • Time: 1:00:00
  • Pace: 16.0 mph

Dear god.

Like swimming, I haven't gotten on my bike since my race in early December, and today's workout was just awful.

I had to stop multiple times to rest and catch my breath the further into the workout I got. I very nearly quit the workout early, but I knew I needed to struggle through. The big race is in just over 2 months, and I can't afford to slack off.


This was a much more balanced week of training than I've had recently, but I need to do a lot more two-a-days with race specific workouts (swim, bike, run) to get ready for what's coming.