Forging Iron | Week 41


Strength - Upper Body

I think the most amazing thing about today's workout with David is that he didn't have me do any pull-ups or push-ups. Not that I'm complaining though.

I especially liked/disliked doing Medicine Ball Push-Ups today. These are great in activating the shoulders, chest, and sore due to the offset hand position forcing those muscles to stabilize the body. The side the ball is on works through a longer range of motion, increasing muscle activation and time under tension.

Part 1

  • Lat Pulldowns
  • Medicine Ball Push-Ups
  • Plate High Rows

Part 2

  • Wide Cable Rows
  • Bench Dips
  • Dumbbell Close Grip Shoulder Press

Part 3

  • Standing Flyes
  • Plate Press
  • Barbell Front Raise

Part 4

  • Reverse Rows
  • Tricep Cable Pulldowns
  • Cable Curls


Strength - Core

Nothing too crazy about today's workout with Deano. I didn't even curse at her.

Core Workout

4 sets, 10 reps

Part 1

  • Russian Twist
  • Weighted Otis-Ups
  • Renegade Row
  • Single Arm Plank Rollouts

Part 2

  • Push-Up Mountain Climbers
  • Slide & Clean
  • Spiders


  • Deep Walking Lunges



  • Type: Freestyle Intervals
  • Distance: 2,000 yards
  • Time: 40:57
  • Pace: 2:02/100yd

This swim kind of sucked, but I think that was because I didn't plan my eating schedule right. I swam almost 3 hours after eating breakfast, so I started getting that light-headed feeling towards the end. I had planned to do 2,500 yards but cut it to 2,000 so I would still have strength left to do some cycling.


  • Type: Trainer Workout
  • Distance: 15.0 miles
  • Time: 1:00:00
  • Pace: 15.0 mph

I love and hate trainer workouts. I know they are helping me and my endurance, and they kick my ass, but I hate how it is always slower than cycling on the road. There's zero momentum, and zero air circulation where I do these workouts, making it basically a sauna.



I gave my body the day off today with three two-a-days in a row coming up...


Strength - Upper Body

This upper body workout was pretty damn tough.

Starting with the offset curls and close grip bench press killed my arms, but the HIIT burnout at the end was the icing on the cake.

10 Sets | 5 Reps

  • Incline Offset Dumbbell Curls
  • Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

3 Sets | 8 Reps

  • Reverse Curl
  • Dumbbell Tricep Extension

3 Sets | 15 Reps

  • Dumbbell Curls

3 Sets | 30 Seconds each

  • Battle Ropes
  • Burpees
  • Flutter Kicks


  • Type: Sprint Intervals
  • Distance: 6.2 miles
  • Time: 51:04
  • Pace: 8:10/mi

Well I forgot my headphones at work so I had to do this run without music. That sucked. But the run was okay, though I think my pace recently has slowed. That was bound to happen since I'm only running twice a week now.


Strength - Lower Body

I am seeing improvements in my leg strength recently with these low rep, high weight workouts. My back and front squat in particular are feeling easier at the weight I've been at, so I'll be increasing that next week.

Allllll kinds of gains.

Lower Body Workout

3 sets | 6 reps

  • Back Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Leg Press

3 sets | 8 reps

  • Glute Kickback

3 sets | 10 reps

  • Leg Extension

3 sets | 15 reps

  • Seated Calf Raise


  • Type: Freestyle Intervals
  • Distance: 2,500 yards
  • Time: 48:30
  • Pace: 1:56/100yd

This swim felt a lot easier than the last few swims. I did 10 x 250yd freestyle intervals at a moderate pace, and I'll be bumping up the interval distance this week to improve my endurance.



  • Type: Long Ride
  • Distance: 52.5 miles
  • Time: 2:54:14
  • Pace: 18.1 mph

Today's ride was fucking AWESOME.

I felt incredibly fast, and while my overall pace was 18.1mph, I was frequently over 20mph without putting in a lot of effort. It was just easy.

I ended up setting 17 PRs on this ride on Strava. Boom.


  • Type: Easy Run
  • Distance: 8.0 miles
  • Time: 1:17:07
  • Pace: 9:37/mi

This run was just to get some increased mileage on my legs coming off of the bike, I wasn't going for any pace goals. Obviously I need to improve on my time here, but that will come.

Week 41 Summary

Finished Week 41 by setting new personal records. With Ironman 70.3 Florida just 4 short weeks away, this is a huge confidence boost!