Embracing the Classics | JORD

There’s something special about holding a classic, first edition piece of literature in your hands.

I’ve amassed a huge collection of eBooks on my iPad recently, and while it’s incredible to have such a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips, something is lost when you no longer feel the smoothness of the page as you turn it, or have the weight of a novel balanced in your hands.

The same is true in this age of wearable technology. We can now wear what used to be considered a supercomputer on our wrists, because having one in our pocket and another on our desks just isn’t enough. Don’t get me wrong, I would be absolutely lost without this kind of convenience. Literally. If Google Maps didn’t exist, I’d really be lost all the time.

But it’s refreshing to take a few moments to step away from it all and unplug.

I stumbled upon Best Books Rich Treasures in Ybor City, FL from a Yelp search (I know, I know). It had been ages since I spent time in a classic antique book store that I had to get there ASAP. This picturesque little bookstore is set on the outskirts of Ybor, away from the nightclubs and bars and noise. There’s a chess table and two chairs set outside for anyone to strike up a game, with carts of books on sale within arm’s reach.

Inside the store is a treasure trove (it’s very aptly named) of classic literature, all meticulously collected and maintained by the married couple that own the store. There are a few soft couches and plenty of natural light to make this a spot I could spend hours in, lost in another book.

Since this was a casual and relaxing day for me, I kept it simple with my go-to Levi’s, Lucky Brand Henley shirt, brown leather Chelsea boots by Aldo, and this beautiful hand-crafted wooden watch from the Dover line of JORD.

The warmth of the koa wood mixed with the black watch face and visible gears contrast in a really interesting and elegant way. It’s not bulky on the wrist like some wooden watches are, which gives it a little more subtlety than usual for its type.

JORD makes beautiful wooden watches for men and women alike, so if you’re not as sold on this one as I was, check out their website for more. One of these watches could make a great Father’s Day gift, just saying!

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This post was sponsored by JORD Watches

Photos by Ramon Abreu