Week 2 featured a tropical storm, an injury, a surprising offer, and big plans. Good things are on the horizon.


After taking Sunday off, I started Monday morning with an intense 45 minute interval cycling session on the bike trainer. Because I was doing upper body strength training with David at 1pm, I started the cardio portion of my day at 8am in order to allow enough recovery time between workouts. When combining endurance and strength training in the same day, it's important to time your workouts correctly, or else your body will be working against you during both workouts.

The upper body portion of the day mirrored that of last week. David programmed the same exercises but with slightly heavier weights. Again, this training session destroyed me. I love that kind of punishment, though. I don't consider a workout to be a good one unless I can barely lift my arms or walk afterwards. Next week's session with David will be more of the same torture. Sweeeeeeet.

One of the new things I have started doing is taking BCAAs during my strength workouts. I'm currently using Aminocore, recommended to me by John Genoese of Cutting Edge Nutrition in Riverview. My previous supplement use was limited to creatine followed by whey protein after a workout, so taking supplements during a training session is new. I have noticed that my ability to recover after a tough set has improved, and I am able to push myself more. Whether this is due to the BCAAs or not, I can't say yet, but I haven't seen any negative effects of taking them.


I really wanted to run on Tuesday morning, because my running pace needs serious work. My goal is to run at a 7:30 pace off of the bike, and I am nowhere near that yet. Mother Nature had other plans, though, with Tropical Storm Colin. So, I did another 40 minutes on the bike trainer. However, this time I followed along with one of the free YouTube spin classes created by the Global Cycling Network. Check it out, it's awesome!

Tuesday afternoon called for lower body strength training with Jahmale, and I felt good going into it. During this session, Jahmale had programmed some killer leg exercises like deficit sumo squats, single leg cable squats, regular and overhead walking lunges with the EZ bar, and a lot more.

Early into the session, however, I really screwed up my knee. I was working through the first superset, which included high box jumps. As I went for my first box jump, I instantly knew it would not end well. While I had jumped high enough, I hadn't jumped far enough forward, so I ended up coming down HARD on the edge of the platform with my knee. I didn't think much of it, until I looked down and saw that there was a huge rip in the tights I was wearing, and a very deep gash underneath. Thankfully the wound didn't immediately start gushing blood, and Jahmale was able to clean and bandage the injury. Once I got patched up, I finished the rest of the workout. I knew I would be hurting the next day, so I wasn't going to let this workout go to waste.


So much pain.

I knew I would be sore the morning after hurting myself, but I thought I may still be able to do another session on the bike trainer at least since it would put much less pressure on my knee. It was after I realized I could barely walk that I decided against it. So, I took a rest day and I'm working from home.

In other news, I have found and booked myself a professional swimming coach to help prepare me for the first portion of my upcoming triathlons, and I was contacted by a photographer who wants to do a photoshoot this Friday.



Again, I was sidelined in the morning with pain, so no cardio for me. This sucks.

Thursday evening called for an hour of brutal core and upper body punishment, courtesy of Deano. Circuit after circuit of different core exercises with very little time to rest is her idea of fun. If she is a sadist, then I am a masochist because I love that kind of pain. And it was good to be able to get a workout in despite the throbbing pain in my knee.

Maybe I can do some cycling or running tomorrow...



Every time I change the bandage on my knee, there is still more blood on the gauze. When will this end?!

With the photoshoot happening at 6pm, I decided to do an hour of upper body hypertrophy training using one of the workouts from the bodybuilding program I created (a variation of PHAT). Hypertrophy training simply means lighter weights and a higher number of reps per exercise. It's great for working the fast-twitch muscle fibers, and the increased blood flow to the arms makes the muscles look larger (what people call a "pump").

See the full gallery HERE.

Sick pump, bro

Sick pump, bro


I had signed up to do another Hot Yoga class, followed by a planned BRICK workout of cycling and running. But again my knee is not cooperating. How can it still be bleeding? Maybe I should have gotten stitches...


Another unwanted rest day. The good news is that there was less blood and plasma on the bandage when I changed it this morning, so I must be healing. Just not fast enough for my liking.

I'm cycling tomorrow, even if my knee is still bleeding. This is ridiculous.


Overall, this was a disappointing week for me due to the knee injury. It feels much better today (Sunday) than it did on Tuesday, and I can't wait to get back to the cardio aspect of my training. I feel like I have already fallen so far behind and it's only been a couple of days!