My knee is somehow still bleeding, but that didn't stop me from doing cardio or working legs this week. But maybe it should have...


Status update on my knee? Still bleeding.

Screw it, I thought, I'm cycling anyways, so I did a 45 minute spin class on the bike trainer. My knee didn't get any worse, so that's a good sign. Hopefully that means that it has healed well, and I will be able to run this week. Fingers crossed.

I trained with David this afternoon, working on upper body strength. We are still using a more hypertrophy-based approach, using high reps and lower weights to build endurance. We will soon be switching to more strength-based approach with lower reps and higher weights. Both training techniques can destroy your muscles, especially when you use very short resting intervals and superset every movement with another. For example, today's workout included a superset of bench presses and incline cable flyes, with each exercise going to 15 reps.

I'm going to be feeling this one over the next few days. 


I had planned on doing cardio this morning, but had forgotten how much of a mess my apartment had become. A sink full of dishes, clothes thrown everywhere, and trash scattered throughout the living room. It was pretty bad. So I chose to clean the apartment instead, which was a good choice because I would not have time later in the week. Exciting stuff.

Anyways, I had lower body strength training with Jahmale today. No box jumps, thankfully. My knee was still a little sore and bloody, but I needed to do legs. Among other totally painful things, Jahmale had me holding wall sits with an 80 EZ bar in my lap. My entire body was shaking as I held each wall sit, and I would let my mind drift off so as to try to not focus on the struggle.  I have tried actual meditation a few times, but I have found that nothing works quite as well for clearing my mind as exercise.

This workout was one of those where all you can do at the end is collapse onto the floor and not move for a few minutes. I was dead.


Hump Day! That calls for some morning cardio.

I'm getting more comfortable with how my knee is healing, but I'm not quite ready to hit the pavement and start running. I'm kind of afraid that if I do that, I will undo the healing that has already happened, and I will start bleeding everywhere while I'm out running. Sure, running down the sidewalk with my leg covered in blood would look pretty badass (like a scene out of Braveheart or something) but I don't think that would be a great choice.

So back on the bike! This time I did a 40 minute HIIT spin class, so it featured lots of low resistance sprints followed by high resistance standing climbs. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the mat that my bike is on becomes a pool of sweat by the end of it. I mean it is covered in sweat. I guess that's how you know it was a good workout?


Rest, zzzzzz.


I did it. I could still see some blood coming through the bandage on my knee but I did it anyways. I went running.

The good news is that my knee felt fine, and I didn't aggravate the wound too much. The bad news is that my pace was horrible. This knee injury really screwed me over for my running pace. I am going to start focusing more on running and swimming versus cycling over the next couple months. I figure that running will still build the necessary leg muscles that will help me in cycling, right? I mean, that would make sense but it could be more bro-science. Whatever, that's what I'm going to do.

This afternoon was spent with Deano, working core. I can honestly say that while I am more exhausted after working legs with Jahmale, I have never felt such pain and frustration as when I work core. Seemingly simple movements like laying on my side and lifting one leg become impossibly brutal exercises, where all I can do is curse and punch the rubber mat underneath me. It's insane on difficult these exercises become, and I'm not even lifting any weights. It's just bodyweight movements. I'm going to make Deano a shirt that, instead of saying "TRAINER" on the back, it simply says "EVIL".

Great workout, though.


I ended up going out last night, and I paid for it this morning. No training, just recovery. Tomorrow will feature another hot yoga class. I'll try to avoid the heater this time.


So I keep booking hot yoga, and then have to keep canceling either due to other obligations or bleeding profusely from various appendages. Thankfully the place I have been going to for hot yoga is totally understanding and lets me use those cancelled sessions like credits, so I don't have to overpay. They get a thumbs way up from me.

Thankfully I was able to make today's class, and spent 90 minutes doing hot yoga at level 2, which meant, among other difficult things, I got to do handstands. I can kinda do handstands, as long as I have a wall behind me to balance off of if I start to fall. But holding a handstand in an extremely hot room when you're exhausted and sweaty was a different kind of challenge. I was the only guy in what was a small class too, so I couldn't hide in the back. Damn.

Sunday evening meant meal prep. One of the things that I do that some people might find insane is that I will make one huge meal and split it between 12-14 containers to eat for lunch and dinner every day the following week.

That's right, I eat the same thing for lunch and dinner every day.

But hey, I'm a good cook, so get off my back.

This week I made Cinnamon & Curry Spiced Chicken with a side of white rice and cayenne baked asparagus from a recipe I got off of the FitMenCook app. If you haven't checked this app out, you really should. It's fantastic. Here's the photo (read: food porn) they use to show what this chicken looks like.

Food porn, NSFW

Food porn, NSFW


It's nice to be getting back to my normal routine, but I need to step it up. Tomorrow will be spent with David first working upper body, then I have my first session with my swimming coach. I can't wait to find out how bad of a swimmer I am!