I thought I was going to drown this week. So there's that.


Since I have my first swimming lesson tonight, I didn't do any cardio this morning. This afternoon was spent with David working upper body, though we weren't able to start training until 4:30. We focused on chest and shoulders the most, followed by biceps and triceps. Every session with David is brutal, but recently he has liked ending each workout with a circuit of battle ropes, push-ups, and clean and presses. Oh God, the pain.

An hour and a half after David tore apart every muscle fiber in my upper body, it was time to pull together any remaining strength for my first ever coaching session for swimming.

Now I have been a decent to good swimmer since I was a kid, but I have never been taught proper techniques to maximize my efficiency in the water. That's just a fancy way of saying that I found out very quickly that I work way harder than I should when I swim. In order to be efficient in the water, you want to try to minimize your drag. That means making your body as long as possible, taking long strokes, tightening your core, and not letting your legs fall too low into the water.

I was really bad at all of the above. So that's good for me.

My coach had me work through multiple drills designed to isolate different parts of my stroke, and there were more than a couple times where I thought I was about to drown. So perhaps I should not have worked on upper body right before jumping into a pool that was too deep to touch the bottom.

Maybe they won't notice if I do the swim parts of my triathlons while wearing arm floaties.


I definitely shouldn't have put two brutal workouts back to back like I did yesterday.

I wasn't sore today, I just felt weak. I had nothing left in the tank. So I decided to skip morning cardio,  because I needed to save my energy for the core workout I did with Deano this afternoon.

And among all of the other painful things she has me do, I don't think I have ever experience frustration quite like what I feel during lying single leg lifts. This exercise is where you are laying on one side and lift the free leg as high as you can before letting it come back down. Now, before you decide to ridicule me, try this out for 20-30 reps. It's incredibly painful. Then when you're done doing that, do a large circular motion with that leg for 15-30 seconds. Oh, and when you're done with that, do a circular motion in the opposite direction.

It's painful.

This particular exercise makes me swear more than anything else I have been asked to do, so of course Deano has me do it every single time.

She's insane. 


I thought about taking today off, but I needed to run. The struggle is real.

So I gutted out 5.7 miles in what felt like 100 degrees and ungodly humidity. Why must Florida be like Satan's armpit?

Anyways, today's run was good. I ran the first mile in 7:22 and the second mile in 7:56. Not insanely awesome numbers, but I'm slowly getting back into running shape.


I did the same run today that I did yesterday. My overall average pace was a little slower but I took less walking breaks so I was able to run for longer. Progress. Then I spent 15 minutes trying to get back into my apartment, because the key wouldn't open the electronic deadbolt. Apparently if there is any moisture on the key or lock then it won't work. Unfortunately for me (and my lock) I sweat a helluva lot. So, I got to stand outside my apartment like an idiot for 15 minutes waiting for the key to dry enough to get me back into my apartment.

This afternoon was spent with Jahmale working on legs. Included in this workout were single leg presses, box jumps, squats, and deadlifts. I like doing functional movements like squats and deadlifts, because while those are primarily lower body focused, they also work core as well. The back squat really is the perfect exercise, don't let any magazine tell you differently. 


Took today off for some much needed rest. The bottom of my left foot is really sore, I think I may have bruised it somehow during my run or lower body workout yesterday. Hopefully the soreness goes away soon. Why am I always hurt?


After getting some much needed extra sleep (and a binge-watching a handful of episodes of the West Wing) it was time to hit the gym. I decided to work through one of the upper body splits from the bodybuilding routine I had adopted last year. I'll do a blog post soon on the entire routine.

After lifting, I went right to the pool for swimming. I had the place to myself for nearly the entire time, which was pretty nice in a 4 lane pool. I could look as ridiculous as I wanted and nobody would be there to see me. Well, other than the people walking by the massive windows that looked into the pool area. I worked through most of the drills that my coach had given me, totaling up 1,000 yards at the end of the workout (or so my Garmin watch said). I felt more and more comfortable in the water as the workout progressed, but I am far from where I need to be.


I'm exhausted, it's storming really badly, and I feel like I'm sick. I guess I'll spend today cleaning, relaxing, and finishing this blog post.


This was a good week of training, but I could add some more cardio. I would love to work out at least once every day, but that means I need to do a much better job at managing my sleep schedule and nutrition.