This week I cursed at one of my trainers and thought it was a good idea to go cycling and running in 100+ degree heat.


Since I had to meet my friend around noon to go to the baseball game, I needed to get my workouts done a little earlier today.

I started the morning with 30 minutes on the bike trainer, working on interval sprints and simulating higher resistance climbing. My legs are still killing me from my workout with Jahmale on Friday, but this helped to ease the lactic acid a little bit.

Right after I finished on the bike, I changed my shoes and walked out the door for a run.

Before I go on, I just need to say that Florida is too hot. Seriously too hot. The heat index for my run this morning was about 106. I was out for less than an hour and had distinct tan lines when I finished.

My pace sucked. Again. Can I keep blaming the heat? As my mom likes to say, it was as hot as a crotch.

My mom is a little strange.

In other news, the Rays actually won today, and I got free beer and food. I love this country.


My training session with David got pushed back one day due to the holiday, which meant that the rest of my training schedule also had to change slightly.

Today's workout focused mostly on chest, and included incline bench press, close grip dumbbell bench press, upright cable rows, and bent over rows. All of those exercises were superset with other exercises that targeted different muscles. For example, the close grip dumbbell bench presses were superset with skullcrushers, and the bent over rows were superset with wide grip pull-ups. As usual, working with David destroyed me.

My training program and diet have been really working, though. I have gained 5 pounds, look leaner, and am definitely more muscular than I was.


Rest day, awww yeah.


Another week, another near death experience with Jahmale. This dude kicks my ass.

We started off the day with a superset of pause front squats and single leg touch box jumps. Holy hell. After that he had me do three rounds of piggy back walk carrying someone weight 220 pounds (I'm 170), followed by barbell jump squats. After every set of this I collapsed on the floor and had to take a couple minutes to regain my senses. The last group of exercises were weighted single leg lunges, followed by resistance band walks, with Jahmale putting a resistance band around my waist and pulling against it as I struggled to get from one side of the room to the other. There were more than a few times that I felt seriously light-headed, but man what a great workout.

Oh, and Jahmale decided to incorporate some mental workouts with his brutal lower body workouts. We finished the training session with a minute of wall-sits, and then I had to hold a wall-sit while I took a short written test from him, which included writing my name backwards and basic algebra. I'm happy to report I got a 100%.

Stay in school, kids.


With upper body and lower body done this week, that leaves one more strength training session: Core.

Thankfully there were NO leg lifts today. Seriously, thank God.

However, that didn't stop me from finding a reason to momentarily hate Deano, which happened during an exercise she had me do where I would be in plank position, do a push up, jump my feet to my wrists then back into plank before jumping sideways. This happened down a row of mats and back a few times. Needless to say, this was really difficult after awhile, and I couldn't stop myself from letting her know:

Me: "How many sets of this am I doing?"
Her: "Three."
Me: "Fuck you, Deano."

I don't know if she just has an arsenal of painful workouts, or if she has some sort of sixth sense about my weaknesses, all I know is that the abs that I am getting are her doing. (thanks, Deano...)

With the first workout of the day done, it was time to meet my swim coach for an hour in the pool. I know that I am getting stronger and more efficient in the water, but every session with my coach makes me feel like I will never be a great swimmer. There's a million little things to learn and implement to be fast in the water, from the placement of the hands, to rotating the hips, to learning how to breathe properly, and on and on. If he tells me to work on a couple things, I end up forgetting to do the eighteen other things he just asked me to do during the last couple laps. I know I'll get it eventually, but with the first race coming up in a month, I'm a little nervous for how I'm going to perform in the swim. I also NEED to do some open water training, as all of my swimming up to this point has been in a pool.


I haven't done a true BRICK workout in awhile, so today I went out to the Suncoast Trail in Odessa, FL to hammer out a long bike and run. 

Since I have my first triathlon coming up next month, and it is an Olympic distance race, it's a good idea to do distances longer than what the race calls for. That way once you get to race day and you are dealing with the inevitable nervousness and adrenaline, you already know you can handle the race itself because you've done more difficult training sessions.

It's been brutally hot here in Florida over the last week, with the heat index getting into the 100's. The amount of equipment I need to bring with me on these training days is kind of ridiculous: 3 water bottles filled with electrolytes (currently using EFS and loving it), a few packets of Gu, my Garmin 910xt, a heart rate monitor, cycling shoes, running shoes, hat, sunglasses, Bontrager Trip 300 cycling computer, bluetooth earbuds (huge fan of my Jaybird X2s), and of course an armband holder for my cell phone. I have a packed gym bag by the time I'm ready to head to the trail.

The cycling part of this training session was awesome. I can tell that the lower body strength training has helped me, because I was keeping 20+mph pace fairly easily for much of this ride. While my legs were sore, and both hamstrings started to tighten up by the end of it, I still felt really strong and could have done another 20 miles or so.

I took a couple minutes during the transition from the bike to the run to stretch and rehydrate, and then was off again. The run started out pretty well, but after a few miles the heat really started to get to me. I had my electrolytes with me, but I think I may have started to suffer a little bit of heat exhaustion. A little over 3 miles in, I had to stop for a few minutes because I started to feel a little confused and forgot where I was. This could have just been me zoning out, because I do that when running, but I didn't want to take any chances. So I spent a few minutes sitting down and drinking fluids before getting back up and finishing the last 3 miles.

Total time for this workout: 2 hours 47 minutes.


I had breakfast at Pinky's in Tampa and ate greasy potatoes, bacon, sausage, and eggs. That's all I have to say about today.


Solid week of training! Saturday wiped me out so Sunday was another rest day, which I would have rather not taken. But I'm happy with the work I did this week and a day off will leave me energized for the coming week.