A little late to post week 7, thanks to a power outage. Florida summers really are the worst.


Mondays need a cool name since it's upper body day with David. Monday Gunday? Eh, I'll think of something.

Anyways, today was spent with David working on upper body, focusing mostly on the mid and upper chest. That means some incline bench presses, both with the barbell and dumbbell. Then some dumbbell front lifts, and plenty of push-ups. Solid day of work, not much more to say about that. 


Oh my God Jahmale really is trying to kill me.

I can't remember the last time I worked out with Jahmale where I didn't want to curl into a little ball and let the life fade out of me. Seriously, I usually think I'm mentally tough when it comes to working out and he just breaks my spirit completely. Squats, deadlifts, so many leg presses, box step ups, and stationary cycling on the highest resistance, of course.  

And because I'm a glutton for punishment, I decided that I still had some of my soul intact and that just wouldn't do. So I spent an hour on the bike trainer when I got home, working through another virtual spin class.

Today was a good day.


Well I tried to swim but apparently Florida had other ideas. About 20 minutes into my session with my coach, the air suddenly got extremely cold, the sky turned black, and there were close lightning strikes.

Time to get out of the pool. Training day wasted.


Since I missed yesterday's swim (screw you, Florida, seriously) I needed to do some type of cardio. So I ran. Nothing special to report on this one, it was really hot and humid and not fun at all but I'm glad I got it done.

The evening was spent with Deano, and I managed to hold back my curses. She had me do the same exercise that... irritated me, we'll say, but I was a little more prepared for it this week. We also keep trying to incorporate Russian Twists into the routine but my ability to maintain my balance in that position is worse than a sorority girl on her 21st birthday.


Took today off, and then ate tater tots and drank beer with my Dad. Awesome day.


I had to work this morning, but got off at 2pm and then drove an hour to St. Pete Beach to meet my swim coach for my first ever open water training session.

We timed it perfectly, because as soon as we met at the beach the afternoon storms had just passed. Granted it was still hella cloudy and there were occasional lightning strikes in the distance, but when has electricity and water ever been a bad mix?

The swim itself went well, and I'm glad I was able to experience even a little bit of what it's like to fight a current while tasting salt water. Swimming in the pool is nice because there are no waves or currents and the water is a nice mix of chlorine and pee. But it's thinner and provides less buoyancy. Ocean swimming on the other hand does a lot more to help keep you floating, but then you do have to deal with other issues like fighting the effects of gravity on large bodies of water as well as sneaky animals, sharp shells, and more pee.

I also caught a bunch of new Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Don't judge me, you know you're jealous.


I had planned to get up early today to start my training but you know how Sundays are. I ended up staying in bed until around noon watching Netflix.

No regrets.

But once I got my lazy ass out of bed, I decided I needed to do a BRICK session of cycling and running. I put my bike trainer on my balcony and pushed through 45 minutes of steady cycling with some short sprint and climbing intervals to keep me honest. The combination of the heat and humidity with the fact that I wasn't actually moving (and so wasn't getting a breeze to cool me down) meant that I sweat more than a pig on South Beach (looking at you, Jersey Shore).

I lost a lot of fluids during that spin session, so I spent about an hour refueling before I left for the run.

This sucked so much. It was well over 100 degrees when I went on this run, and I was already tired from the cycling portion. I'm glad I got through it, but there were definitely a few times I wasn't sure that was going to happen. Not joking, it was brutal.

Not long after I got back from my run, it started storming. This is normal in Florida during the summer. When it's not 8 billion freaking degrees outside then you get to endure psychotic storms and lightning. This particular storm knocked out the power to my apartment complex for a couple hours. FML.


Well if you managed to get this far, I applaud your efforts. Following this type of stream of consciousness is not for the faint of heart.