I nearly swam in some kid's puke this week. But I guess it could have been worse...?


Today's session with David focused on shoulders and chest, incorporating higher weight sets with a lower number of reps. This is considered "strength" training, because it is working more of the fast twitch muscle fibers.

I commented before that I thought David was taking it easy on me. He may have gotten the message because he really tried to break my arms with the end of the workout. The last exercise was 100 reps of bicep curls. Thankfully I didn't have to do them in one set, but I had to do as many sets as possible of curls until I hit 100. After having already worked shoulders and chest, my arms were already tired, so this was a lot harder than I expected.

I took today off from cardio, since I did plenty of it over the weekend. Tomorrow will start off with a good run before working on legs in the afternoon with Jahmale.


I did my normal 5.7 mile run this morning, and my pace was definitely better than it has been, especially considering the heat and humidity. I can't complain too much about it, because I'm getting better. My triathlon training plan is also now overlapping with my marathon training plan for the Chicago Marathon in October, so running will be taking a more prominent role now. That means my pace for running will improve dramatically but it may cut into my success in swimming. I'm not worried about cycling, at least not yet.

My leg session with Jahmale was brutal today, but that's par for the course. We kicked off the workout with a superset of landmine squats and barbell lunges. That was essentially the warm-up, which meant that nothing pleasant was about to come my way. After that we moved to a superset of weighted bench step ups and single leg weighted bench lunges on alternating legs. After that he had me doing heavy calf presses on the leg press machine.

This one is gonna hurt.


Yep, my calves are absolutely killing me. I got out of bed and they felt like they would cramp up at any second. I have a swim training session tonight with my coach, so I'll take the morning and afternoon off before I hit the pool.

I met my coach at the normal location of a public pool north of Tampa, and after a quick 200 yard warm-up we dove right in (pun definitely intended) to the main training block of 8x100yd intervals. My coach wants to find the pace at which I can do 100 yards of swimming in under 3 minutes while not being too winded. My first try came in under 2 minutes, but I was definitely out of breath. I don't know if I just don't know how to pace myself or if I get nervous when I'm short on breath, but I think it makes me panic a little and so my pace ends up too fast. I slowed down after that until I was averaging around 2:20 per 100 yards but even that was a little quick.

I was almost done with this training block when my coach told me to get out of the pool, and that there had been an "emergency". I first assumed that a kid had gotten hurt, because there were a bunch of them and they aren't exactly the most careful creatures. But then he clarified and said that there had been an "accident". So then I started thinking about that scene in Caddyshack with the pool and the candy bar in the pool. Wrong again. Turns out a kid had somehow puked in the pool while I was swimming and not paying any attention. And most of the kids were the lanes right next to mine. I narrowly escaped swimming in vomit.

So I've got that going for me, which is nice.


Took a rest day today, because I have 3 straight days ahead of me of two-a-days. Fun.


Worked on core this afternoon with Deano, and if you've ready any of the other entries in this collection then you know how cruel she can be. And what do you know, she did it again. I think she purposefully lulled me into a false sense of security, because today she had me doing leg lifts again. And not just the normally horrible leg lifts and rotations on each side, but she also had me doing "figure 8" motions with both legs, because why the hell not? That, however, came after she started the workout with hanging knee raises, alternating knee raises, and pull ups. Definitely rethinking my plan of doing another workout tonight, I'm exhausted.

But I can't give up when I'm exhausted or in pain. Gotta push through the weakness. I told myself I would run tonight, and even though half the sky was black with an approaching thunderstorm, I decided to risk it.

I'm not sure if I am getting faster or if the WAY TOO CLOSE lightning strikes pumped up my adrenaline so much, but I posted my fastest time on this run in over a month. Luckily the storm passed near me (and not over me), but the lightning was really really close. There were a few times I thought of calling it and turning around, but the clouds seemed to be moving in my favor so I kept going.

Awesome day of working out, and now it's time to shower and binge on Netflix.


After taking care of some things at work, it was time to head out to the bike trail for a good BRICK session. Again the sky was dark but overall I thought I would be fine.

Very early into the ride I started getting hit with a strong headwind, meaning there was strong wind blowing against me which makes cycling way more difficult. The air quickly got cooler and I knew I was about to get hit with a storm. It started out with light rain that soon built into a downpour. This wouldn't have been too big of a deal, because bikes can definitely work in rain and I don't mind rain either having lived in Portland, OR for 18 months. But I was wearing my phone in my sport armband which was getting soaked. So I had to stop and pack my phone into the bottom of my repair bag (the small kit I keep on my bike in case of a flat), which took a few minutes of fiddling. After that the ride was fairly smooth, albeit soggy.

After I finished the ride, it was time to run. I took a few minutes to refuel and recharge before I set off again on foot. I again posted my best time yet on this route, which is really encouraging, especially after dealing with the challenges of the cycling I had just done. Another awesome workout done, and it's time to go home and clean my bike, eat some dinner, and pass out.


I'm already an old man. I went to bed last night at 9:30pm and enjoyed a glorious 10 hours of sleep. I can't remember the last time I slept for that long. Why am I still tired?

Anyways, this afternoon I drove down to Siesta Key Beach again for a BRICK session of swimming and running. Last week the water was extremely rough, which made the swim ridiculously shitty, but this week was much better. The water was much calmer, and I knocked out almost 1,200 yards in just over 32 minutes. That's not going to get me to Rio, I know, but it's improvement.

After the swim I took a few minutes to re-hydrate (salt water sucks) and change into running gear before heading back down the beach for my run. The only thing I don't like about this beach is that from where I set up it is 1.5 miles to either end of the beach. Which means I can't just go out 2 miles, turn around and run back for a total of 4 miles. If I want extra mileage I would have to do multiple laps or run in a zig zag or something. Not my thing. So I only did 3.5 miles today, but considering the two 6 mile runs I just did the past couple days I'm not worried about it.

Time to head to the parents house for a delicious home cooked meal. I think I'm getting steak again. Sweeeeeet.


Great week of training overall, since I had a total of 10 workouts that totaled just over 9 hours of exercise. I would love to keep this kind of schedule up, and increase the intensity. But next week will be a taper week since my first triathlon is next Saturday. Can't wait to see how it goes!