A little bit of a lighter week following my triathlon, but now it's time to turn my sights to Chicago, with the Chicago Marathon only two months away.


Strength - Upper Body

I was still feeling a little sick today, but I don't want to slack off too much after my race since I have the Chicago Marathon coming up in October.

I skipped cardio for today but had my session with David in the afternoon, working on upper body. We started the workout with a superset of incline bench presses and close grip lat pulldowns. The second superset was all bodyweight, with inverted rows and push ups. Then David had me do lying dumbbell tricep extensions before finishing up with a superset of chest presses and push-ups.

I know I'm going to be sore after this one, and I can't wait. I actually miss upper body soreness.


Still felt sick this morning, so I took the day off.



I had planned to meet my swim coach today, but again the Florida weather had other plans. This time it rained so much that my coach's street was flooded and he couldn't leave his house. I know I'll be loving this climate when November rolls around, but it's crazy right now. And hurricane season is here. Fun.



Finally got around to doing cardio this week, and it was a really tough run. I'm not sure if it is because I'm still a little congested, or I took a few days off, or I was wearing my new heart rate monitor and it was WAY too tight but this was painful. My HRM was definitely too tight and I felt like I was being suffocated, so I'm sure that did not help at all.

Plus, I didn't have a set plan for this run, which was a mistake. When training for a race (or any kind of sporting event) you never want to have a workout just for the sake of working out. You should always be trying to work on something and improve specific aspects of your technique. This was just a run that I did because I thought I needed to, and I wasn't aiming for a particular pace, or doing sprints, or monitoring my heart rate closely, or practicing my breathing. It was just a time to suffer. Of course any chance to run can't hurt me when I'm preparing for a race, but it was kind of a wasted opportunity.

That will change for the next run.

Strength - Core

I trained core with Deano in the evening, and it was also rough. Not just because she was killing me with decline weighted crunches and leg lifts (among other equally painful exercises), but because I was frustrated by other things outside of the workout, and that caused me to lose focus.

Working out is a form of meditation for me, so if I am not 100% focused on what I am doing during that time then it can be frustrating for me. This was the case since there were small problems popping up at work, which shouldn't have bothered me, but it had been a long day so I was a little out of it.

Even so, I can already tell my abs are going to be sore for awhile. And my legs are already sore from Jahmale's workout. I may need a wheelchair this weekend...


Strength Training - Lower Body

No race for a couple months means I can take a lot more punishment in my workouts. So today I got my legs destroyed by Jahmale. 

We started the session with a superset of front squats and box jumps, 15 reps of each for 3 sets. Then we moved to the second superset of deficit dumbbell squats and bulgarian squats, again doing 15 reps for 3 sets. After that we moved to the third superset of narrow stance leg presses and leg adbuctors, 20 reps for 3 sets. We finished the day with a fourth superset of leg adductors and glute kickbacks, 20 reps for 3 sets.

I felt like laying on the ground for awhile after all of that, so you know it was a great workout.



With the Chicago Marathon in two months, it's time to really ramp up the running in my training plan. My goal for this race is to finish in under 3:45:00, which means I would have to have an average pace of around 8:30/mi. That's a pretty ambitious goal, in my opinion, but I think that training in Florida in the summer will actually help because the conditions here are FAR worse than they will be in early October in Chicago. After all, the most difficult thing isn't to run a race, it's to train for one.

So today I started to increase my distance, finishing at 6.8 miles instead of the usual 5.7. It's obviously not much more, but I'm also exploring my area to see where the best spots to run are.

My goal for the run was to try to run non-stop (minus dealing with traffic) for the entire run, with an average pace of 9:00/mi. I wasn't able to do the non-stop part, since it was definitely over 100 degrees with little cloud cover to protect me from the sun, but I finished the run with an average pace of 9:34/mi. After looking at the Strava data, the first three miles were too fast (8:09, 8:34, 8:49, respectively) so that hurt my endurance for the latter half of the run.

My legs feel 100%, so I'll do another run tomorrow, but this one will be a Fartlek (sprint intervals) training routine.



Second straight day of running today, but this time I did a 6 mile Fartlek session (sprint intervals) and it was great. Doing this type of workout, especially in the heat, will really help improve my breathing when running at race pace. I ended up having an overall average pace of 9:06/mi, so a good improvement over yesterday's run.

I need to get that down to under 8:00/mi though, if I want to make real progress towards my goal of finishing the Chicago Marathon in under 3:45:00.


A lighter week of training coming off my first triathlon, but the running will increase a lot in preparation for my marathon in October. I will probably have to overlap my marathon training plan with another triathlon training plan as well, since I plan on doing the Key West Triathlon in December.

It's good to have goals, I guess, right?