This week started off very strong and very finished weak. From working out 3 times in one day to throwing up halfway through a run, it was a really interesting week of training. The Chicago Marathon is now less than a month away! 



Started off this crazy week with a run, where I basically tried to hit a decent 5K time, and didn't care about the rest. I averaged around 7:30/mi for the 5K, and then 9:00/mi for the rest of the run.

Those numbers aren't stellar by any stretch of the imagination, but I am still happy with the fact that I easily kept my average pace below 8:00/mi for the 5K, thus showing that I'm getting better and faster and improving my endurance.

In fact I actually PR'd my 2 mile time, completing them in 14:34, and was able to recover noticeably quicker after hitting a faster interval.


Strength - Upper Body

I had wanted to run this morning as well, but that ended up not happening. Due to Labor Day, I rescheduled Monday's session with David for today, and he put me through a great workout:


  • Rowing [5 minutes]

Part 1

  • Incline chest press [4 sets x 12 reps]
  • Push-Ups [4 sets x 8 reps]

Part 2

  • Chest press [100 reps]

Part 3

  • Underhand cable row [4 sets x 12 reps]
  • Pull Ups [4 sets x 8 reps]

Part 4

  • Lat Pulldown [100 reps]

Part 5

  • Cable bicep curls [4 sets x 12 reps]
  • Tricep dip [4 x 12 reps]



Today was fucking exhausting but I'm so glad I pushed through.

I ran this morning, with the goal of running without stopping or slowing down, and I succeeded. Granted I had to stop at the crosswalks where I was forced to try to cross 6 lanes of traffic, but I don't count those because they're necessary and don't come up too often.

Don't judge me.

Anyways, this was a great run, because I was maintaining a relatively consistent slower pace, averaging between 8:07/mi and 8:25/mi. This is more along the lines of how I want to run during the Chicago Marathon, so it was nice to successfully complete my goal, even if the total run was 6.2 miles and not 26.2 miles.

Strength - Full Body

With one workout down, it was time for another. I'm flying out tomorrow morning for a conference in Lake Placid NY, so I need to cram as much exercise into today as possible. You never know what traveling will do to a diet or fitness routine.

Just like the last few weeks, today was a full body workout with Jahmale. We worked on my biceps, triceps, and shoulders (yes, the day after I had already done that with David). I was definitely feeling it by the end of the workout, but I still had one more workout on the calendar...

Strength - Core

Yep. I ran 6.2 miles, spent an hour doing a full body workout, and still decided to fit in another hour of just ab exercises. Yes, I'm crazy. But c'mon, I'm not going to get great workouts when I'm out of town, so I might as well try to overload myself before I leave.

Nothing really new for this core session. Again we worked through a few sets of incline crunches with a 25lb plate, working the middle and both sides of my core. I'm happy to report that Deano improved a lot in her ability to count to 15. She's an inspiration to us all.

Time to pack.



Today I spent nearly 12 hours in an airport, flying from Tampa, FL to Lake Placid, NY and my dinner consisted of chili, greasy french fries, and beer.

That's all I have to say about that.


Strength - Full Body

I love Lake Placid. It's ridiculously beautiful here, and reminds me so much of the Pacific Northwest.

I woke up at 6:00am (very reluctantly, I'll add), got dressed, and walked a few blocks to join the massive outdoor Bootcamp class that Anytime Fitness was holding. It was a pretty mild workout, but still managed to make me sweat and was a great way to make up for yesterday's travel pains. The instructor was great and incredibly enthusiastic, especially for that hour. I'm not normally the kind of person to respond to overly positive people, but that definitely helped put me in a great mood. 

The instructor led us through a circuit of a handful of exercises, like side lunges, crunches, mountain climbers, jump lunges, and squats.

After the workout it was time to shower, eat, and go see Gary Vaynerchuk, our keynote speaker. SO PUMPED.



I had a short run this morning as part of a race held by Anytime Fitness, and it was one of the more beautiful runs I have ever done. It only lasted 2.5 miles, but the route took us around Mirror Lake as the sun was coming up. If I had been by myself, I would have stopped multiple times to take pictures, but I was hauling ass.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

Since it was only 2.5 miles, there was no sense in trying to stay in my normal pace, so I pushed myself. It's good to change up approaches when training, to work on and improve different aspects of your form, endurance, and strength.

As the race started, I got caught in the middle of the pack and had to quickly find the best way around everyone, to get to the front. I didn't want to be in the very front, though, because I knew I would go too hard and would end up not doing well. So I settled in behind the two leaders who were running around 7:00/mi. I was content to keep that pace until the end, when I was planning on sprinting around them. But then a couple runners passed us and I followed behind them.

I ended up finishing the race with a 6:58/mi average, so I'm happy about that. I was hoping to come in under 7:00/mi and I did. It wasn't a long run in the slightest but holding that kind of pace for a couple miles was an awesome workout.

I'd like to run one more time today, but my schedule is packed with seminars and such. It'll be nice to get home and be back on my regular schedule.



Before I get into my workout, let me start off by saying that trying to run on only 2 hours of sleep and 12+ hours of sitting on airplanes and being way off your diet is not a great idea.

I gutted out 6.2 miles tonight after I had gotten home and unpacked, and I really mean gutted. My pace was TERRIBLE. I hate blaming external factors, but my body was definitely not ready for that. In fact, I threw up in my mouth 3 miles into the run. I didn't even stop either, I just spit it out as I ran. Pretty gross, I know. Especially since I had eaten chips and salsa beforehand.

But I'm still glad I did it. It may have been hell to do, but I feel so much better now that it's done.

Oh, and today is my birthday. Happy 27th to me.


I managed to get 8 training sessions in this week despite all of the traveling and other obligations I had to deal with. Not a perfect week of training of course, and the Chicago Marathon is now less than a month away. Thankfully there are no more big trips planned between now and then, so I should be able to have a consistent training schedule from now until race day.