T-minus two weeks until I'm running the streets of Chicago. Got a few good runs in this week including a longer one in preparation of the race, but I could run 20 miles a day from now until the race and still not feel fully prepared.



Woke up early for a Fartlek run, and holy hell it was humid. I ended up drinking the entire bottle of electrolytes that I take with me, which doesn't happen often anymore.

It was a pretty miserable run too, not just because of the heat. My overall pace ended up being 9:23/mi which is way slower than I've gotten used to. Another thing that sucked was that I couldn't take my phone with me because it's not working. Again. It won't turn on at all. This is so damn frustrating, not because I can't listen to music, but because I rely on my cell phone for business.

So I guess I'll have to go back to the Apple Store. Ugh.

Strength - Upper Body

Worked with David this afternoon on upper body stuff, focusing on chest and back. Apart from a great workout, it's really becoming clear that the hard work I have been putting in is paying off. There is noticeable separation in my pectorals, as well as a lot more definition in my shoulders. This kind of improvement only makes me want to work harder.

Part 1

  • Pull-ups
  • Dumbbell shrugs

Part 2

  • Incline chest press
  • Cable face pulls

Part 3

  • Chest fly (on machine)
  • Push-ups

Part 4

  • Upright barbell row
  • Deficit push-ups

Part 5

  • Reverse machine chest fly
  • Dumbbell swings

Part 6

  • Shrugs (using two plates)



Tonight's run was a pretty intense 4 mile out-and-back, finished in 29:50 (7:24/mi pace).

I also PR'd my 5K with a time of 22:08, averaging 7:08/mi. BOOM!

This was partly by design, because I was pushing myself to get that PR. But it was also partly due to the fact that I left my apartment at 7:15pm with the sun setting around 7:30pm. So I was running as fast as I could in order to get back to my apartment before it got really dark.

It may be irrational, but the less opportunities there are to get bitten by mosquitos here in Florida, the better in my opinion.


Strength - Full Body

Worked with Jahmale through a full body workout, and it was fucking brutal. There were even a few times that I felt light-headed. It's not that there were a lot of exercises incorporated into this session, but the ones that were took a lot of effort.

Part 1

  • Close grip pull ups
  • Deadlifts
  • Front squats

Part 2

  • Cross body dumbbell swing to overhead dumbbell swing
  • Dumbbell bent-over row

Part 3

  • 2 plate squat
  • Treadmill push


Strength - Core

Had my weekly session with Deano tonight, working on my abs. I either have a much stronger core now or Deano has been taking pity on me because it's been a seriously long time since I've openly cursed at her. Still, it was a good workout:

Part 1

  • Crunch
  • Side crunch
  • One-handed lying barbell pull-up

Part 2

  • Bench knee tucks

Part 3

  • Kneeling squat jump to box jump
  • Low plank hold

Part 4

  • Incline medicine ball twists



Today's run was a Fartlek session, covering 6.2 miles in just under 52 minutes, for a 8:22/mi pace.

I left my apartment around 5:00pm, so while it was hot, the humidity had eased off a little bit.

The one thing that is pretty annoying about the area around my apartment is the fact that I have to cross over two 6-lane intersections, and I never catch the walk signal. So I have to run to the crosswalk, press the button, and wait so long to cross the road. It allows me to catch my breath, but I would rather have the opportunity to keep running non-stop. I won't get those kinds of forced breaks during any of my races.




Five straight days of workouts, so I took today off. That, and I need to cook my meals for the week. Such a pain.



Got in a long run today of 9 miles, and it was so insanely brutally hot. I know I keep talking about the heat (I know, it's Florida) but I went running at 2:00pm with very little cloud cover and wow. The heat index was definitely over 100 on this run, and I was out in the sun for over 90 minutes.

I started out at a good race pace, averaging around 8:30/mi for the first few miles. But around the 4 mile mark is when I started to falter. My shirt was completely soaked with sweat, it felt like I had just went for a swim in my clothes and started running. So I was carrying a few extra pounds that I'm not normally used to.

I tried a new route today and it also ended before I could hit my turnaround mile marker. This really sucks, why is there no good place to run around me? Not only are the sidewalks either non-existent or under construction, but I also end up running through some less savory neighborhoods. In order to get today's distance I actually had to run in a little bit of a circle.

Oh well, got it done.


This week was a pretty solid one of training. I got a total of 8 workouts in, so I'm happy about that. I of course need to be running more, but I think I'm always going to feel like I need to be doing more running with the Chicago Marathon in two weeks. I also think I'm going to try to start filming parts of my week and compiling them into a short video, instead of this long-form blog post. I'm terrible at video production though, so this will be a learning experience.