They say the worst part of an earthquake isn't the event itself, but the aftershock. The same could be said about running a marathon.



After the race yesterday I could barely move, let alone walk. Today is better but I'm definitely not 100%.

I did NOT work out today, and I'm not sure anyone could blame me. I don't have another workout planned until Wednesday, so I'm taking a nice 2 day break after the Chicago Marathon to rest up and get ready for the next stretch of training.



See Monday.


Strength - Core

And of course the first session I have when I get back from running a marathon is with Deano. She killed me tonight, and I can't tell if that was because her workout was that brutal or if my body was still not ready to get back into training mode.

Either way, it was a tough one.


Strength - Full Body

Today's session with Jahmale went about as expected. Started out relatively easy and ended with me crumpled on the floor, gasping for any oxygen that my body could consume.


Finally hit the pool tonight and it felt GREAT. While my Garmin says I did 1,700 yards, I really did over 2,000 since I did a few hundred yards of drills with the kickboard and pull buoy. I need to hit the open water a LOT now, that was one area where I was severely lacking in my first triathlon.


Strength - Upper Body

Since I was still in Chicago on Monday (desperately needing a motorized wheelchair of some kind), David and I pushed our upper body session to Friday.

We focused on chest and shoulders today, doing things like bench pressing, pull-ups, dumbbell flyes, dips, and Arnold presses. I didn't feel completely destroyed by the end of it, which is probably a good thing since I want to do some swimming this weekend and it wouldn't look cool to drown in 3 feet of water at the gym pool.



I took today off because I had to work, then go to a children's birthday party with Natalie. And then during the party the Tennessee vs. Alabama game started, so I was that one guy at a kid's party walking around with his phone streaming live sports.

We won, though, and by 39 points.

Roll Tide, Fuck Tennessee.



I had planned to do a moderate BRICK session today, consisting of cycling on the trainer and then swimming. Well I did 20 minutes on the trainer (which were oddly easy, I think the resistance needs to be altered) but I didn't end up going swimming. Just no motivation. I can't really afford too much of a "hangover" with the Key West Triathlon coming up in early December...


This was a lighter week of course, since I was recovering from the marathon for the first couple of days. That recovery needs to be short-lived, because I have about a month and a half until my next race: the Key West Triathlon.

What have I done to myself?!