This week I got owned in swimming by a bunch of elementary school kids. Yay.


Strength - Upper Body

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

My session with David went well today, I felt good throughout most of the workout (except for the pull-ups, those are always painful). We worked mostly chest today, as you can see from the different lifts below.

Warm Up

  • Rowing - 5 minutes

Part 1

  • Bench press
  • Close grip lat pulldown

Part 2

  • T-bar row
  • Close grip dumbbell chest press

Part 3

  • Cable incline fly
  • Push ups

Part 4

  • Cable chest pull?
  • Pull-ups

Cool Down

  • Rowing - 5 minutes


Strength - Full Body

Today's "full body" workout was mostly arms, which wouldn't have been too bad if I hadn't just gone through a full chest and arm workout the day before with David. Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to be exhausted but I pushed through the damn thing.

Part 1

  • Wall sit and shoulder press
  • Seated cable pull

Part 2

  • Dumbbell plank to side plank
  • Kneeling dumbbell side and front raise
  • Barbell high pull
  • Air boxing with weights

Part 3

  • Close-grip high barbell hold
  • PVC pipe shoulder stretch
  • Dips
  • Seated dumbbell shoulder switch
  • Air boxing with weights


Strength - Core

I think Deano may have gotten the message that our last few sessions together haven't been that difficult because I was in full on "fuck you, Deano" mode with this one.

This session was so brutal that by the end of it, I was shaking, drenched in a pool of my own sweat, and even had to blow my nose a few times. So yeah.

Destruction by Deano

  • Resistance band plank pull
  • One arm plank twist
  • Hanging plank with exercise ball
  • Stability ball dumbbell flyes
  • Medicine Ball Circuit
    • Plank position
    • Hit ball with right fist
    • Hit ball with left fist
    • Place both hands on top of medicine ball
    • Bring knee to opposite elbow
    • Repeat circuit 14 more times
  • Reverse dumbbell lunges
  • Walking lunges, elbow to floor



I had one session left to use with my swim coach, so I headed up to Temple Terrace today to work with him.

The main lap pool that we normally work in was closed due to maintenance, so I had to go to the oddly shaped pool in the back of the complex. This pool is shaped kind of like a peanut, and is roughly 50 meters long if you swim the edges of the pool. Which is exactly what he had me do.

Except today I was also joining in on a large group class that he was teaching, which consisted of elementary school kids. In truth, this was good practice for race situations, since I have to get more comfortable swimming in crowds of people. But holy shit, these kids destroyed me. There were two high school kids that were helping to lead the class, so for all of the drills the coach would have them go first. Then me. Then the rest of the kids. Well it wasn't too long before these tiny people were LAPPING me.

I would never describe myself as a good competitive swimmer, but I at least thought I was okay. Guess not.

I'm telling their parents on them. They did not respect their elder at all.



I took today off to spend time with my girlfriend on her birthday. We slept in, then had a lazy day around St. Petersburg before I took her to Clearwater for her birthday present: tickets to see Postmodern Jukebox!

In case you haven't heard of them, Postmodern Jukebox is a musical group that takes modern hits and re-imagines them as swing and jazz tunes. They do an amazing job, and a lot of the songs they cover (like "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga, or "Sorry" by Justin Bieber) actually sound better than their originals.

Awesome choice!



I had forgotten what a good session on the trainer felt like.

I spent an hour on my cycling trainer at increased resistance, working through various sprints and hill simulations while Alabama played Texas A&M. Now that's some solid multi-tasking.

The room that I "spin" in has virtually no air circulation, so it doesn't take long before that place feels like a sauna, and sweat is pouring off of me like every pore in my body is a little faucet.

I also tried out the new EFS electrolyte drink that I got the other day, this time I went for the fruit punch flavor. I really like it, and I am so glad I found EFS. It seriously helps keep me going both through keeping me hydrated and keeping my muscles from cramping. I wish they used this at the aid stations in the race, because the stuff they currently use tastes like crap.



Two weeks off is a long time for running.

I went for my first run today since the Chicago Marathon, and it was so fucking hard. The weather was perfect, so I can't use heat or humidity as an excuse. I was just plain out of shape for running.

The most difficult part for this run today was my breathing. From the moment I started running out of my apartment I felt like there was a stitch or something in my chest, and that didn't subside until I was almost done with the 6.2 miles that I ran. I'm sure this is just because I haven't ran in a little while, plus I was doing sprint intervals because I don't know the meaning of "easing back into it".


This week was a decent one of training, but I need to get back into the two-a-days now that the Key West Triathlon is a month away. Swimming is the #1 priority, with running the #2. I figure if I am solid in both of those then I will finish with a better overall time than I did for my first triathlon.