This week of training got completely derailed by an endless string of emergencies.


Strength - Upper Body

My session with David today went well, but again wasn't totally brutalizing. It's a good thing it wasn't though, because I'm going swimming later tonight and I'll need every bit of strength that I can muster.

Warm Up

  • Rowing - 5 minutes

Part 1

  • Dips - 4 x 12
  • Arnold press - 4 x 12

Part 2

  • Upright barbell rows - 4 x 12
  • Push-ups - 4 x 12

Part 3

  • Cable side raises (4x12)
  • Pull-ups (4x12)

Part 4

  • Rowing - 5 x 1 minute 
  • Push-ups (5x10)


My first "double shift" in awhile today as I went swimming after work.

I went through a handful of drills tonight mostly focusing on my kick. I did things like putting both arms on the kickboard and using my legs to move myself back and forth for 200 yards, then I would swim on one side while only kicking for movement, and a lot of other isolating drills like this.

By the end of the workout my legs were so dead that I almost fell back into the pool as I was trying to get out. An hour flew by, which I guess is a good thing.

I need to develop a more organized swim training routine, and have more drills on hand that will help improve specific parts of my swim (the kick, the stroke, breathing, etc). I also need to swim in the damn ocean.


Strength - Core

Today's workout with Deano was a lot different than the ones we've done in the past. Mostly because the ones we did before always had supersets of various movements for each small step in the workout. But today it was more straight-forward, where we did 3 sets of 15 reps for each exercise before moving on to the next one.

As usual this was one of the tougher sessions of my week. I did notice, however, that I have really improved my balance when doing Russian Twists with a medicine ball, and that I am much more comfortable with the "jackknife" exercise in terms of balance and endurance.

Doing a plank and punching a medicine ball at the same time is still the worst thing ever.

The Workout

  1. Plank twist
  2. Back extension around the world
  3. Swiss ball russian twist
  4. Jack knife
  5. Plank pound with opposite side leg tuck
  6. Zesty lunge


I had planned to go swimming tonight but that didn't end up happening. I have a photoshoot tomorrow that I need to prepare for, so hopefully I'll be able to get to the pool tomorrow night. If not, I have a session with Jahmale on Friday and then I can double up some workouts to make up for it. Hopefully.


Had my photoshoot today, modeling a few bow ties from The Cordial Churchman. I'm really excited for how these turned out and I think I'll be putting out a post specifically about the awesome job that the people who hand make these pieces do on each one.


I was supposed to train with Jahmale today, which would have been fucking amazing because I feel so out of sorts and disorganized. Working out is my therapy and life has gotten in the way of that this week.

My reaction to this week.

My reaction to this week.




First BRICK session in a pretty long time! I had originally wanted to go out to my normal cycling trail and crank out 30 miles of cycling and 6 miles of running, but I decided to save gas and use my trainer instead.

I ended up pushing through just over 35 minutes on the bike, and even that was tough for me. I think I may have the resistance up a little too high, because it feels like I am constantly pedaling uphill. Plus with no air circulation in the room that my trainer is in, I am drenched in my own sweat in less than 10 minutes.

I actually felt a little light headed at times during this workout, which I thought was strange because I was hydrating properly and had eaten a meal not long before I worked out, so my blood sugar levels were around normal.

Possibly something to look out for.


Due to feeling light-headed, I took a few minutes to rest and come to my senses. Once I felt normal again, it was time to go running.

The weather was perfect when I left my apartment around 5:00pm, with sunset rapidly approaching so everything had a reddish-orange glow. I ended up running my normal 6.2 mile route, working on sprint intervals to get power back into my legs. The first 3 miles of this run were pretty good, as I averaged around 7:00/mi. After that I slowed down considerably and began the intervals.



With how I felt on the bike yesterday, I figure I need to do more of it so I can get my "sea legs" back.

I hadn't eaten anything prior to getting on the bike so I knew this wouldn't be too lengthy of a workout. Low blood sugar + exercise = terrible idea.

I only got through 30 minutes but I made them count with a helluva lot of sprints with the resistance still at a high level. I still felt a little weakness in my legs but not as bad as yesterday, I think the fatigue I felt was more from lack of food than anything else.

My calves did start to feel tight at one point but I avoided a full on cramp. Success.

Basically how I feel when I'm done cycling

Basically how I feel when I'm done cycling


The Key West Triathlon is a month away. I reallllllllllly need to hit the open water ASAP. I got six training sessions in this week, with four of those being race-specific workouts. I basically need to double both of those numbers in order to be ready.