3 weeks until Key West. It's crunch time.


Strength - Upper Body

Today is a double-header with David and upper body in the afternoon, followed by Deano and core in the evening.

David focused on chest and arms today, starting off with a superset of bench press and pull-ups, and then incorporating seated cable rows, dips, bench dips, LOTS of barbell curls, and tricep extensions.

My arms are so dead. I just know that Deano is going to kill me.

Strength - Core

Well she did it again.

Deano, in all her brutal ways, got me to curse at her again. I don't mean to make it look like I'm rude or anything, she just has this innate ability to strip me to my core and make me feel like the muscles around my core are about to snap. Which is probably good, I do have noticeable abs now, but does it have to hurt SO FUCKING BAD?!

The Workout

  1. Around the world
  2. Inchworm
  3. Plank Twist
  4. Swiss Ball Russian Twist
  5. Plank Pound Knee Tuck
  6. Dead Bug
  7. Exaggerated Mountain Climb



I have been feeling dizziness off and on over the past week. I think it has to do with getting water in my ears during one of my swims, and it hasn't fixed itself.

It was so bad at one point that it felt like the entire room was spinning, and I was just sitting down.

I took the day off and got some ear drops to try to get this taken care of.


Meal Prep

This week I went for this Teriyaki Pulled Chicken recipe from FitMenCook. I didn't cook my meals in my slow cooker, though, and decided to bake everything as usual. Except I used the recommended measurements for the sauce, so there ended up being WAY too much sauce in the sauce-to-chicken ratio.

The end result has just been okay. It's edible, but near the bottom in terms of ranking my own cooking.


Strength - Full Body

I felt dizzy for part of this workout, but that was probably bound to happen given how much effort I was exerting while still dealing with that ear problem.

Also, Jahmale decided to start me out with 40 pull-ups. No, that's not a joke. That was the warm up. SMH.

Warm Up

  • Pull-Ups

Part 1

  • Dumbbell Single-Arm Bent Row
  • Dumbbell Pullovers

Part 2

  • Reverse Grip Cable Lat Pulldowns (kneeling on bosu ball)
  • Barbell High Pulls

Part 3

  • Dumbbell Bent-Over Flyes
  • Dumbbell Goblet Squats

Part 4

  • Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns
  • Glute Kickbacks



I took today off because I worked all day, and then had plans tonight.

Ended up watching the USA vs. Mexico match at a bar in South Tampa, which was cool. But the US lost to Mexico, and that sucks. Nothing against the country itself or its people, but I hate their national soccer team so much.




I took my bike out to my patio today for my trainer session. I needed a little bit of fresh air, because the room I usually do this in has zero air circulation. It sucks.

It's been perfect outside too, so with the sun setting and the temperature in the mid-70s, I pushed through just over 40 minutes on the bike.

I increased the resistance some, too, so while the final "per hour" pace was not impressive at all, it did feel like I was biking uphill the entire time.

With the days ending earlier now, I had a limited amount of daylight left and 6.2 miles left to run after the bike...


And the run felt REALLY good.

I averaged 7:45/mi for the first 3.1 miles, and then around 8:10/mi for the last 3.1. I didn't stop at all during the run, which I am stoked about. I may still be in "running mode", since Chicago was a month ago, but I'll need that for this next race. My first triathlon was also slowed by my run time, because I was literally running on fumes.



And for the final workout of the week: swimming!

This time I opted for 8 x 250-yard intervals with 2 minutes of rest between each interval. This started out tough, because there were so many things I was trying to focus on at once. My arms and legs don't get tired, thanks to the amount of strength training that I do, but my breathing becomes an issue if I'm not being efficient in the water.

If I start to think too much about having my head in the water, or even think for a moment that I don't have enough air, I'm fucked. My heart starts beating faster than normal, I start gasping for air on my breath strokes instead of calmly breathing, and my overall pace quickens like I'm in a panic.

Once I got control over myself, I settled in pretty well for a nice pool session.

In the end, my actual swimming time (not including rest) was 42:41, covering 2,000 yards which averages out to a 2:06/100yard pace. That's on the fast side of where I want to be for a full 1,500 meter swim, so I'll work on slowing that down and increasing the swim intervals next time. Maybe 5 x 400 yard intervals? We'll see.


A pretty average week overall. Only 6 workouts done, and 3 days of rest. While I know it's good to let my body recharge (and Lord knows I overdo it on working out), it doesn't help my confidence when I have 3 weeks until the Key West Triathlon. I want to do better overall compared to my first triathlon back in August, and the biggest issue there was the swim.

Just keep swimming... just keep swimming...

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